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Brand new SunGarden – Renewed

New times, new opportunities, brand new SunGarden >>> From 21st May 2021 we will welcome our guests again in a renewed environment, but with the same hospitality after a year of renovations.

New times, new opportunities, brand new SunGarden – We have been renewed

It has been an extremely long time without you. To be honest, we have made the decision in May with a heavy heart, not to open after more than two months of the forced shutdown. But we definitely made the right decision. We did not really have thime for grief and inaction, because within monents, events snowballed. We have not been idle in the last year. We have been working hard to build and beautify the hotel, so that we can welcome you in a gorgeous, elegant comfortable, and modern environment, which has been renewed inside and out to the satisfaction of our guests.

Classical wellness world in a modern guise

As a wellness hotel, one of the main focuses had been the renewal of our wellness world. Our attractions and poold have not only been renewed, but also increased in number. We have taken great care to ensure that people of all ages have a joyful time here.

Comfort, harmony and elegance in all rooms

Our comfortable rooms have now a new design, new colours, modern flooring, and air conditioning in all rooms. Our main priorities were harmony and pleasant ambience in addition to comfort. To ensure that relaxation is not only physically, but also spiritually perfect, the colours of earth, water and sun play the most important roles. Also, since next to a comfortable bed and a pleasant atmosphere and cozy bathrooms are also very important, they couln’t be neglected during the renovation.

Delicious meals served in a renewed restaurant

Even our restaurant was renewed. We have already modernised out kitchen iver the past year, so it was time to renovate the restaurant as well. Our bufett table and furniture has all been replaced, and the interior colour scheme, the spaces, the lights and the whole atmosphere has all been changed. Our aim was of course to make the delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners even more enjoyable.

Welcome to SunGarden!

To ensure that our hotel impresses you at first sight, we have focused not only on the interior, but also on the exterior design of SunGarden. Of course, our small garden pond has been preserved – along with its inhabitants, but the building itself has become more natural, and the garden and the garden ahs become even greener and more spectacular.

We hope that our innovations will bring new colour, more experience and joy to your stay in Siófok and we hope that, just like us, you are looking forward seeing us again.

See you in the spring

That is not all; good news does not end here! We are hoping to open our doors again at the beginning of May (from 30th April). Let’s collect some pleasant and memorable SunGarden moments again!

Brand new SunGarden – Renewed