Garden Café 

Anyone who has been our guest before knows that our café always brings the warmth of fresh brewed coffee and the most colourful and delicious cocktails are made here. From 2021 on the Garden Café will continue to offer all the coffee specialities, juicy cocktails, non-alcoholic refreshments and alcohols.

Early risers can order their morning coffee from 7 a.m. The Café turns into a night bar after 6 p.m., so you can enjoy chatting over a good glass of wine, a creamy of fruity cocktail or shots. Our Café with comfortable armchairs and bar stools provide the perfect venue to do so.

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Garden Café


SunGarden Wellness Days

from 60 EUR / person / night
Number of nights (minimum): 2 nights

Daily Price

from 85 EUR / person / night
Number of nights (minimum): 1 night