Millenium Park - A walk on 16000 square meters

The Millenium Park, formerly known as Baross Park, is located in the center of Siófok, right in front of the train station. The 16000 square meter park provides a pleasant place for residents and guests to relax.

The construction of the park began in November 1993 and was inaugurated on 15th June 1994.

A walk in the park of culture and art

The pleasant park was designed by Dr. Imre Jámbor, a professor of the Horticulture University. The Millenium Park is also home to several public sculptures, and in its romantic Music Gazebo you can find the bronze statue of Imre Kálmán, made by the brilliant sculptor, Imre Varga. The statue group “Martyrs” are also the creation of Imre Varga, which is a landmark of the park as well.

The perfect relaxation for aesthetes

In the park, you can also find the World War II memorial by Sándor Kiss and the sculptore “Showering Woman” by István Martsa. Since 2004, the park has been adorned with a fountain, which makes the time spent here even more pleasant. Because of its beautiful lighting the Millenium Park is a brisht spot even in the evening and it’s worth visiting it after nightfall.

If you can, weather permitting, visit the park, take a long walk and enjoy the beautiful artworks!


Millenium Park - A walk on 16000 square meters