Pétanque court under the shadows of plane trees

In our hotel’s beautifully renewed garden you will find a court of a game with French origin, just like before, to ensure that you have fun with your family and friends. Pétanque can be played by people of all ages, from children to grandparents, by men and women.

This popular game provides another excellent opportunity for fun and light exercise for all ages in a beautiful setting, in the fresh air and under the shadows of plane trees.

What exactly is pétanque?

Pétanque is a ball game of French origin. Its name comes from the combination od the French words “pieds tanqués”, which means “motionless legs”.


Pétanque can be played individually (one player against one player with 3 balls per player), in doubles (two players– against two players with 3 balls per player) or in triples (three players – against three players with 2 balls per player).

Equipment and the game

The pétanque ball is made of metal, with a diameter of at least 70.5 mm and up to 80 mm, with the exception of the brightly painted target ball with the word “Öcsi” on it. This is made of wood or plastic and has a diameter of 30 mm.

In the game, the starting team throws the ball “Öcsi” so, that it must not touch anything or anyone and must stop at a distance of at least six, but not more than ten meters from the throwing circle; and from the edge of the field and any obstacles at least one meter. The aim is to get your own ball as close as possible to the ball “Öcsi”. The team (or player) in the worse position is the next one, if they have any balls left. At the end of the round, a team scores the number of points, as the number of balls closer to the ball “Öcsi” than the opponent’s closest ball. The game ends when one of the teams reaches 13 points and therefore they win.

If the description makes the game seem simple and boring, try it! We guarantee you that you will change your mind! This fun game offers a great opportunity to relax in a wonderful setting with great teammates.

Pétanque court under the shadows of plane trees