Splashing, relaxing, unwinding

The wellness world of our hotel was also part of the renovations in 2020/21. The heart of SunGarden, the place for relaxation, rest, physical, mental and often spiritual recharging and splashing adventures has been expanded with a new design, new natural colours, new elements and new pool. Our wellness world is devided into comfortable relaxation areas and a massage room.

Water, water and water, a.k.a. pools in the renewed SunGarden

Our adventure pool remains the centerpriece of the wellness world, where you can find back and foot massages alongside neck showers.There is also a paddling pool for our little guests, where they can splash joyfully. There is abuilt-in hot tub for up to 10 people to relax in. To bring nature closer to wellness fans, in addition to the panoramic view, there is an outdoor relaxation pool for 8 people and a relaxation area. As we know, relaxation and sunbathing are energising activities, in addition to our indoor and outdoor relaxation areas; we have created staircase sunterraces in our garden, where everyone can indulge in a moment of real relaxation and recharging.

Some like it hot

Yes, it could be a frothy coffee, a steaming tea, but now let’s take a look at the hottest area of the wellness world, at the brand new SunGarden saunas!

The Finnish sauna will be the venue for sauna séances, where a small or large group of friends can enjoy its benefits at the same time. There is a plunge pool in the sauna aream so if you would prefer to dive into a cold tub instead of a cold shower after the sauna, you can do so. What is more, to enhance the experience, we also offer chromotherapy shower for our wellness fans.

Refreshment, relaxation, massages

The SunGarden wellness paradise wouldn’t be the same without refreshing, relaxing massages. The cosy atmosphere, soft music and beautiful colours of our massage room are ready to exhilarate body and soul.

Our Massage Offer

Juice bar

How does a delicious, colourful vitamin juice sound after a long swim, a sweaty sauna session, a sunbath or after a massage? We won’t spoil this experience! You won’t have to rush to the café for a juice, because our Juice Bar in the wellness world tempts everyone to hydrate with fruit juices, non-alcoholic vitamin cocktails, and smoothies. Our bar is open during the opening hours of the wellness area; from sunday to thursday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., on fridays and on saturdays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.